Organics Facilities

Miller recovers the value of organic waste by transforming food, leaf, and yard waste into renewable energy, soil amendments, certified organic fertilizer, biomass fuel, and more.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Organic Waste Streams

Our extensive resource recovery ecosystem includes solutions designed to help customers meet their environmental targets in a transparent, cost-effective manner.

Our innovative material recovery equipment and highly specialized team sustainably transforms organic waste into clean, renewable energy and useful products.

We help businesses and communities meet environmental and sustainability targets and stay compliant with provincial and national regulations with full visibility into material flow.

How Does It Work?


Miller collects and receives organic waste from municipal, commercial, and industrial sources.


De-packaging equipment separates organic material from its packaging and other contaminants. Food waste is blended into feedstock for anaerobic digestors at Escarpment Renewables, Miller’s green energy facility.


Anaerobic digestion produces liquid digestate, a land-applied organic fertilizer and methane gas that is combusted and fed to Ontario’s power grid as renewable electricity.


At our composting facilities, we grind and screen leaf and yard waste and create the ideal environment for micro-organisms to break down the organic matter. The finished compost is sold and blended with other products to create soil, top dressings, and more.

We return the value of organic material to the earth and at our green energy facilities

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