Spring Cleaning with Miller Waste Systems 

Spring is in full bloom, meaning seasonal cleaning may be top of mind! It’s the time of year to freshen and renew our homes and sometimes that means revisiting the daunting clutter build up you’ve put off from last year. Check out our list of spring-cleaning tips and tasks and you’ll be ready to get started in no time! 

1. Prepare Your Equipment and Supplies  

Ensure you’re well stocked up on supplies such as your sprays, soaps, sponges, and dusters and make sure your equipment like vacuums and mops are ready to use. If you run out of a necessary product, it can disrupt your day and make it less likely that you’ll finish the job. 

2. Make a Schedule 

Scope out your home – inside and out. Ask yourself what areas need the most work. Do you have rooms that you often skip over and tell yourself “That mess is for another day”? Those are the best places to start. Start by jotting down which room you’ll tackle on each day of the week to help manage the larger project at hand. 

3. Organize items into three distinct piles: keep, donate, or throw away. Consider renting a temporary dumpster bin to easily dispose of the items you’re ready to toss. 

Miller’s roll-off services are ideal for clean-up projects: we’ll deliver the right size bin directly to your driveway and haul away your junk when you’re done. The best part? You can place your order online in minutes. Just choose your size and let us know when we should drop the bin off and pick it up.  

Miller’s commitment to landfill diversion means we will sort your material and recover as much of it as possible. We’ll sort your junk, remove contaminates, and send recyclable material to our secondary processing facilities where it will be re-processed to its highest end use. 

14 yard roll off bin

14 Yard Bin 

Dimensions: 4 ft x 12 ft x 8 ft. 2 Metric Tonnes included. Equivalent to 7 pick-up truck loads. 

This bin is ideal for small cleanup projects, such as basement, garage or attic clear outs or emptying a single room of old furniture, small appliances, and other personal items. Order now. 

20 yard roll off bin

20 Yard Bin 

Dimensions: 4 ft x 20 ft x 8 ft. 2 Metric Tonnes included. Equivalent to 10 pick-up truck loads. 

This bin is ideal for major cleanup projects including emptying multiple rooms or removing carpet or flooring. Order now. 

40 yard roll off bin

40 Yard Bin 

Dimensions: 8 ft x 20 ft 7 ft. 2 Metric Tonnes included. Equivalent to 20 pick-up truck loads. 

If your spring cleaning turns into a full-blown demolition or construction project, consider our largest bin. Order now. 

4. Get to Cleaning

The following list indicates what types of waste our bins can accommodate: 

  • General household waste 
  • Construction waste 
  • Wood 
  • Clean fill
  • Metal 
  • Concrete 
  • Yard waste 

5. Dumpster Removal

Congratulations! You’ve now completed your spring clean. You’ve placed all of your unwanted items in the bin and the rest is up to us. We will come and pick it up on your scheduled removal day and that’s the job done! 

While MWS is a leader in waste management, everyone plays a part in keeping the environment clean, green and healthy. Contact us to for a roll-off bin quote and begin planning a better, easier way to tackle your spring cleaning this year.