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Trust Miller’s Temporary Waste Bins for Junk Removal

Miller delivers large and small temporary dumpster bins directly to your home, business, or construction site. When you order a bin with Miller, you’ll enjoy our low rates, transparent pricing, and courteous, reliable service.

Choose from multiple bin sizes:
14 cubic yards, 20 cubic yards, or 40 yards

We’ll deliver the bin to your home, business, or construction site and pick it up when you’re done

We’ll separate your waste by types and divert recyclables and organic material from the landfill.

About Our Bins

14 Yard Bin


4 ft x 12 ft x 8 ft
2 Metric Tonnes included
Equivalent to:7 pick-up truck loads

Ideal For

Small cleanup projects, such as basement, garage or attic clear outs or emptying a single room of old furniture, small appliances, and other personal items.

Roofing projects that include removing and disposing of all roof shingles and boards.

20 Yard Bin


4 ft x 20 ft x 8 ft
2 Metric Tonnes included
Equivalent to:10 pick-up truck loads

Ideal For

Minor renovation projects that include removing material from a single room, such as a kitchen or bathroom.

Major cleanup projects including emptying multiple rooms or removing carpet or flooring.

40 Yard Bin


8 ft x 20 ft 7 ft
2 Metric Tonnes included
Equivalent to: 20 pick-up truck loads

Ideal For

Construction or demolition projects, such as building a home or garage or demolishing existing structures.

Complete remodeling of building exterior or interior.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are dumpster bins priced?

To determine how much your dumpster bin rental will cost, please enter your address here for an instant online quote. Our dumpster bin rental price includes: a base lift rate for your area, a fuel and environmental fee, and tax. You will be charged for these items when you complete your online order.

You will incur additional charges if you exceed the 2-tonne weight limit, your rental period exceeds 7 days, the driver is turned away, or unacceptable material is in the dumpster bin.

2. What kind of waste can I put in the dumpster bin?

Miller’s temporary dumpster bins can accommodate garbage including old appliances, furniture, fixtures, toys, carpeting, flooring, drywall, tiles, toilets, sinks, bathtubs, mattresses, interlocking, decking, drywall, ceiling tiles, pipes, insulation, floorboards, carpeting, plaster, scrap metal, rebar, asphalt shingles, paper and cardboard packing, wooden skids/palettes, and bricks.

You may also use Miller’s dumpster bins to dispose of yard waste, including tree branches, leaves, brush, soil, and clean fill.

3. What kind of waste CANNOT go in the dumpster bin?

We do not accept hazardous waste, which includes items that are corrosive, flammable, explosive, or poisonous. Common examples of hazardous waste in residential and commercial settings are batteries, asbestos, paint, solvents, primers, stains, thinners, ammonia-based cleaners and disinfectants, windshield wiper fluid, oil filters, motor oil, brake fluid, and more. Instead of placing these items in your dumpster bin, check the website of your city, region, or municipality to find out where and how to dispose of them. You can also ask one of our experts if you are unsure whether something can or cannot go in the bin.

4. Can I place multiple waste types in the dumpster bin?

You may dispose of garbage, recyclables (including metal), and yard waste in the same dumpster bin. Miller will separate these items at a Transfer Station to ensure recyclable material and yard waste does not end up in the landfill.

5. How much waste can I put in the dumpster bin?

In terms of weight, 2 metric tonnes of waste are included in Miller’s rental cost. You will be charged for each additional tonne if you exceed this amount. In terms of volume, you may not overfill the dumpster bin (in other words, debris should not be piled higher than the rim of the bin).

6. Will the dumpster bin damage my driveway?

Not at all: Miller’s carefully trained drivers will place wood planks on your driveway prior to unloading the dumpster bin to prevent scratch and scruff marks. Miller prides ourselves on our professional, courteous service and respect for our customers’ personal property is our primary concern.

7.How long can I rent a dumpster bin?

Our pricing includes a rental period of up to 7 days, after which you will be charged $25 per day. There is no limit on the number of days you can keep the bin.

8. How far in advance can I order a dumpster bin?

We require 48 hours’ notice for every bin order. However, we encourage you to order your bin as far in advance as possible to guarantee availability.

9. Does someone need to be present when the dumpster bin is delivered or picked up?

No, Miller can drop off or pick up your bin based on written instructions accompanied by a picture or virtual map screen capture.

10. How should I prepare for my dumpster bin delivery?

If Miller is delivering a bin to your home, please ensure your driveway is free of vehicles, toys, bicycles, and overhead debris, such as low hanging tree branches or wires.

If we are delivering a bin to your business or construction site, prepare an area that is clear from pedestrian or vehicular traffic. If possible, select a flat and level surface for your bin.

12. How should I prepare for bin pick-up?

Make sure you haven’t overfilled your bin or that debris is not sticking out of the top. These items can easily fall from the dumpster bin as the driver loads it onto the roll-off truck and can potentially damage the property or cause an injury.

Also, please remember to remove coverings you may have placed over the bin to protect your items from the wind and rain.

13. How do I choose the right bin size?

Our 14-yard dumpster bins are ideal for disposing of:

  • Excess clutter in preparation for a move
  • Items that have been damaged in a flood
  • Old appliances, furniture, and fixtures from a kitchen or bathroom remodel
  • Shingles from a roof instillation or repair
  • Basement, attic, or single room clear-out
Our 20-yard dumpster bins are ideal for disposing of:
  • Old appliances, furniture, and fixtures from a multi-room clean-up, renovation, restoration, or remodeling project
  • Floorboards/carpeting
  • Old interlocking bricks, patio stones, or decking
  • Soil, tree branches, brush, plants, gravel, and sand from a landscaping project
Our 40-yard dumpster bins are ideal for disposing of:
  • Material from major construction and demolition projects
If you still need help deciding, please contact us. We’re happy to help.
14. Why rent a temporary dumpster bin?

Miller’s dumpster bins are ideal for businesses, contractors, and residents who need a simple way to control large volumes of waste from clean-up, renovation, restoration, remodelling, construction, and demolition projects.

  • Miller’s sturdy steel dumpster bins provide a safe and secure location to dispose of waste right on your property, saving you multiple trips to your local drop-off centre and the corresponding wear and tear on your vehicle.
  • Dumpster bins also keep waste contained so it does not litter your work site and pose a tripping or safety hazard.
  • Miller’s bins are outfitted with double rear-doors, meaning you do not have to dispose of heavy items by throwing them over top; you can walk, drag, or wheel waste directly into the bin and seal the doors when you’re done.
15. Does Miller provide dumpster bin rentals for festivals and special events?

Yes, Miller is happy to provide temporary dumpster bin rentals for single or multi-day festivals and other special events. We recommend you book your bins and service well in advance to ensure availability. Please use us our online contact form to request service your event or call us at 1-800-465-5914.


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