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“In June 2021 the Government of Ontario introduced legislation which transfers full responsibility for managing printed paper and packaging materials in the current “Blue Box” program to producers and first distributors of this material.

Municipalities have historically managed the collection and processing of these materials. The new regime is known as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). This is the most transformational change to the “Blue Box” program since its introduction decades ago. The transition period will extend from July 1, 2023 to December 31, 2025 and will involve many changes to the Key Provisions of the program and require a comprehensive transition plan.


    • Assign producers the responsibility of collecting and managing designated products and packaging.
    • Expand the scope of blue box materials collected & managed and maintain or improve existing blue box services, including creating one common curbside blue box collection system across Ontario
    • Expand blue box services to communities outside the Far North, regardless of their population
    • Expand blue box services to multi-unit residential buildings, schools, retirement homes and public spaces
    • Mandate a consistent set of materials in blue boxes across Ontario
    • Make producers responsible for meeting management requirements & diversion targets for blue box materials


A message from our President

Miller Waste Systems has been a leader in the “Blue Box” program since its inception and has extensive experience and expertise to assist producers in effectively managing the transition to EPR. Utilizing sophisticated computer modelling software, we have plotted all sources of recyclable materials in the Province and designed an optimal network of collection, processing and marketing assets, to maximize efficiency, optimize costs and maintain the quality of resident service. We can help producers navigate this complex roadmap and we encourage producers to call on our experience and expertise – we are here to help.”

Miller Waste is ready to begin working alongside producers designated under the new EPR regulations and we urge you to contact us.

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