Business Waste & Recycling Services

Miller Waste’s commercial services include the provisions of waste and recycling bins and regular pick-ups for business and institutions of all sizes.

Choose your bin size

Miller offers sturdy steel bins in a variety of sizes to suit the unique needs of your business. Our commecial services also include a pickup schedule that works for you, and friendly, reliable customer service whenever you need it.

Characteristics 2 Yard Front-End Bin 4 Yard Front-End Bin 6 Yard Front-End Bin 8 Yard Front-End Bin
3’W x 6’L x 3’H
4.5’W x 6’L x 4’H
6’W x 6’L x 5’H
7’W x 6’L x6.5’H
10-20 large garbage bags
35-40 large garbage bags
55-60 large garbage bags
70-80 large garbage bags
Ideal For
Small organizations with about 50 people
Small to mid-sized organizations with about 100 people
Mid-sized to large organizations with about 250 people
Large organizations with about 500 people

Temporary Bins for Cleaning, Construction, and Demolition

We’ll deliver and pick up temporary roll-off bins for waste and recyclables from construction, demolition, renovation, and clean-up projects.

14 Yard Roll-Off Bin

20 Yard Roll-Off Bin

40 Yard Roll-Off Bin

Frequently Asked Questions

Front-end and roll-off bins are similar in size and construction – the main difference is the way trucks pick up the bins and collect the contents. Front-end trucks are outfitted with forks that slide into metal slots on either side of the front-end bin. The truck then lifts the bin over the top of the truck and empties the content into the cab before replacing the empty bin.

Front-end bins are ideal for regular garbage and recycling picks from businesses. Front-end bins have lids to keep the contents secure from animals and the elements.

Roll-off bins are typically longer than front-end bins and have open tops. The bins “roll” on and off trucks via hydraulic cylinders, enabling drivers to effectively load and transport bins and their contents simultaneously.

Roll-off bins are best suited for temporary construction, demolition, and clean-up projects.

If you’re looking for regular garbage and recycling pickup service, front-end bins are ideal.

Miller will help determine the best location for your bin(s) on your property and pick up waste once per week. Pickup schedules can be adjusted based on your needs.

Front-end service is ideal for restaurants, office buildings, shopping centers, convenience stores, hair salons, hospitals and healthcare centers, schools, grocery store, libraries, places of worship, warehouses, wholesalers, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, multi-family dwellings, apartment buildings, and more.

Roll-off bins are well suited for temporary, short-term projects that produce large amounts of waste, including construction and demolition projects, interior and exterior renovations, clean-ups, moves, and landscaping projects. Order a roll-off dumpster bin here.

Yes. Some optional features for front-end bins include locking lids, casters, and labels.

  • Cardboard and paper
  • Fiber
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Construction waste (concrete, cement, bricks, tiles, ceramics, metal)
  • Yard waste

Please note that waste containers for clean fill, yard waste, and wood have specific handling requirements. Call us for assistance with your order.
Ontario: 1-800-465-5914
Manitoba: 1-204-594-42984
New Brunswick: 1-506-855-9783
Nova Scotia: 1-888-545-0557

Miller does not accept corrosive, flammable, explosive, or poisonous items, including batteries, asbestos, paint, primers, stains, ammonia-based cleaners and disinfectants, automotive parts, including windshield wiper fluid, oil filters, motor oil, and brake fluid.

Check the website of your city, region, or municipality to find out where and how to dispose of these items.

The cost of service will be determined by several factors, including the size of the bin, the frequency of pickups, and the addition of optional bin features. If you have specific questions about our services and how they can meet your waste and recycling needs, please contact us today and we’ll develop a plan that works for you.

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