Material Recovery Facilities

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At Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs), Miller receives, sorts, and processes hundreds of thousands of recyclables annually from residential, commercial, and industrial sources.

Our facilities are outfitted with special machinery that removes contaminants from incoming glass, steel, aluminum, paper, and plastics, and sorts them by type. The cleaned and separated material is then sold and shipping to secondary processors and manufacturers who transform the material into new and useful products. MRFs benefit everyone by preventing recoverable material from decomposing emitting harmful greenhouse gases in the landfill and helping manufacturers reduce their reliance on virgin material, the extraction of which can be harmful to the natural environment.

Waste diversion in action.

Miller's in-house engineering team specializes in the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of several MRFs across Canada.

Recyclables are sorted using a combination of manual labour and advanced mechanical sorting methods.

By operating several material recovery facilities, Miller is a major supplier of secondary material in the commodity marketplace.

We employ in-house recycling material market specialists who ensure that your recycled products are reprocessed to the highest end use. Material recovery facilities benefit everyone by redirecting waste from landfills.

In addition to being a green initiative, Miller’s customers can share in the revenue generated by the sale of recyclable materials, leading to financial savings.

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Miller Waste proudly serves Canadian residents, businesses, and industries with sustainable waste solutions.

Business Waste and Recycling

We provide dumpster bins and regular collection services for trash, recycling, and organics generated at your business or multi-residential unit.

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Temporary Dumpster Bin Rental

Ideal for clean-up, renovation, construction, or demolition projects, we’ll deliver and pick up bins to and from your home or business.

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Compost and Landscape Materials

Enhance the beauty of your garden or landscaping projects with our nutrient-dense soil, compost, mulch, and topdressings.

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Hazardous Waste Management

Based in Manitoba, Miller Environmental is a leader in the disposal, treatment, clean-up, and recycling of hazardous waste.

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