Product Destruction

Miller destroys distressed, recalled, expired, and sensitive inventory with secure, sustainable, and reliable solutions.

Food and Organic Products

Consumer Products
including apparel, cosmetics,
electronics, and toys 

Branded and Promotional Items

Infested Products 

Counterfeit or Contraband Items 

Stay Compliant

When agencies like CFIA, Health Canada, or Canadian Border Services mandate the destruction of deficient merchandise, or you need to remove expired, off-spec, unsold, or contaminated products from your warehouse and prevent them from entering the grey market, trust Miller’s secure services. We can receive inventory directly from you or arrange transportation from your location.

Get Proof of Secure Destruction

Miller provides secure proof of destruction with tractor trailer door seals, photographic evidence, scale tickets and other proof of weight, plus signed certificates once destruction is complete.

Contribute to the Circular Economy

Miller recovers the value of organic and inorganic material from destroyed products. Food waste becomes feedstock for anaerobic digesters, which produce renewable energy and soil-enhancing fertilizer. Other forms of organic waste are transformed into soil, compost, and other garden amendments, while packaging material is recycled and returned to the commodity marketplace.

Miller Provides

Custom destruction methods to match the product that needs to be destroyed.

Third party auditing services and detailed analysis to ensure maximum diversion.

Full visibility into chain of custody to ensure compliance with regulatory bodies.

Excerpts of Gordon Food Service’s Letter to Miller Waste

Just wanted to take a moment to draft a letter to express our gratitude for all the support Miller has provided in the past year for GFS. You approached us with a new opportunity to divert all our packaged waste, process it through your depackaging equipment and [utilize] organics in on farm anaerobic digesters.

We have been able to reduce our workforce by one person whose purpose was to de-package all the material that could not be delivered to customers. This was time-consuming, and a very challenging position to staff.

We appreciate that you are operating a licensed facility and can provide records of destruction.

We are confident that the maximum amount of material is being diverted from the landfill…reducing our carbon footprint is an additional benefit that cannot be understated.

While GFS is a large logistical company that can direct haul to your facility, we are impressed by the quick turnaround for transportation, if required - typically less than 24 hours from the time of call.

Travis Leblanc, Gordon Food Services (GFS)

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