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    CSR Shout Outs! Simcoe CSRs Even though it is our newest collection contract, we have been receiving absolutely amazing feedback from the residents of Simcoe County. It’s pretty obvious that … Continued
  • What are the major parts of waste management?
    You may think of waste management simply as the trucks and workers that take your garbage and recyclables. But a waste management system is a series of processes to keep … Continued
  • 9 surprising things you can’t recycle
    When’s the last time you checked your local recycling guidelines? Chances are, you’re tossing things into those blue bins that’ll make trouble at the recycling facility. Here are some recycling … Continued
  • 5 recycling myths debunked
    When you sort your household waste, are you sure you’re getting it right? Many things you may think are reusable or recyclable aren’t suitable for your recycling bin. To help … Continued
  • How is organic waste recycled?
    You may think that food waste naturally decays back into the soil and doesn’t need special attention for waste disposal. Materials from organic sources like plants and animals will indeed … Continued