Hazardous Waste Management

Miller Environmental offers a range of safe, reliable, and sustainable hazardous waste management services to households, businesses and industrial clients.

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Our Expertise

Miller Environmental’s experienced technical team is equipped to assist clients from the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors with a range of hazardous waste management needs.

From specialty recycling, chemical and container supply and spent catalyst management to emergency response, Miller Environmental’s sustainable solutions help our clients minimize liability and complete projects on time and within budget.


We manage every aspect of hazardous waste

Including industrial cleaning, solvent reclamation, precious metal recovery, and containerized waste collection. Miller Environmental’s advanced capabilities can meet the needs of individual households and small to large organizations in the manufacturing, aerospace, transportation, biotech, and agricultural industries.

We operate a fully licensed, professionally engineered hazardous waste treatment facility south of Winnipeg

The Vaughn Bullough Environmental Centre was designed with an emphasis on safety and energy efficiency and includes an engineered-lined landfill, clay base lined processing cells, decontamination facility, hydro-vac slurring receving area and more to accommodate the responsible processing of organic and inorganic waste.

We responsibly treat and dispose of more types of hazardous waste than any other company in Manitoba.

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Our Accreditations

Miller Environmental Corporation is committed to compliance with our Quality; Environmental & Occupational Health & Safety Management Policies and have developed an Integrated Management System (IMS) System incorporating ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. 

Certified Company
Certified Company
Certified Company

Regulatory changes and increased market demands have driven the development of additional processes and treatments. Our technical team is continually looking for new and innovative methods to expand our scope of capabilities thereby reducing the need to transport waste to third party disposal sites.

Aqueous Waste Processing:
• Acid and Alkali neutralization
• Metal/salts precipitation and removal
• Emulsified water/oil separation and disposal

Organic Processing:
• Solidification and disposal of oily debris and non regulated oily materials
• Grease/solvent fuel blending
• Oily sludge fuel blending Dissolution of solid materials (including pharmaceuticals), preparation for disposal to incineration for specific chemicals
• Bulking and preparation for incineration of selected solid organic chemicals
• Aerosol processing

Inorganic Processing:
• Wet or dry inorganic sludge solidification & disposal
• Capability to ship some high value metal salts for recycling
• Stabilization of metals
• Fluorescent tube shredding, stabilization & solidification (or shipping for recycling as requested)
• Chemical processing for a vast array of inorganic chemicals
• Stabilization of processed chemical residues (salts and metals)


Liquid Organic Waste Processing:
• Sludge/water separation
• Solvent/Fuel blending
• Latex paint bulking & solidification (or shipping for recycling as per customer wishes)
• Oil based paint bulking/fuel blending
• Oil filtering and sludge separation

Special Waste Processing:
• Flammable solids
• Spent catalyst disposal
• Industrial wastewater treatment
• Hydrovac sludge/slurry
• Chlorate neutralization

Miller strives to provide one-stop shopping for our valued customers by providing new chemical supply and container solutions while removing their hazardous waste.

We offer a range of options for solvent supply – including provision of virgin product or a recycling alternative. Our wide selection of containers allows for collection of all types of hazardous waste, both liquid and solid, in small quantities or in bulk.

We Supply:
• Industry specific solvents (virgin or recycled)
• Drums – plastic or metal, bung or open-top
• Overpack/recovery drums
• Plastic, caged totes
• Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) bags – soft or hard walled
• Gaylord boxes and liners
• Boxes for fluorescent tubes
• Pallets
• Pails – steel, plastic
• Battery collection boxes
• Custom designed roll-off bins
• 2.7 yard bins for non-regulated rag collection
• UN certified bins for pyrophoric materials

With the most experienced emergency response team in Manitoba, Miller is ready and able to provide emergency spill management 24 hours a day.

Our Emergency Response team is experienced and efficient in the management of all types of spills and situations from initial assessment through to final site remediation.

Miller Environmental Corporation has a team of highly trained technicians capable of assessment and cleanup of an accidental release in a safe and timely manner.

Spill responses can vary significantly depending on the environment they occur within. Every spill that Miller attends to is unique and requires a customized approach which is determined by its type and size.

Miller Environmental can provide the following services:
24 Hour Emergency Response availability
Response co-ordination – locally and out-of-province
Spill containment
Clean-up and site remediation
Treatment/disposal of spilled materials and contaminated soils
Confined space response

Our 14 member team is comprised of specialists and technicians who are trained to the standards set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) as well as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that follow the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). All responders are certified in:

Transportation of Dangerous Goods
Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)/GHS and Chemical Safety   Respirator Training

Additional training and certifications available to our technicians are:
• Class 1, 3 and 5 Driver’s Licenses
• Forklift Operation
• Chemical Protective Clothing
• Chemical Spill Clean-up
• Decontamination Methods
• Fire Extinguisher Usage
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Ontario Regulation 347
• Emergency First Aid and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
• Hazwoper 29 CFR
• Hazardous Materials Operations
• Hazardous Materials Awareness
• Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
• Confined Entry

Miller delivers a variety of project services to a diverse list of clients across Canada. These services include hazardous waste collection and treatment, site assessment, industrial site services, emergency response and remediation contracting services.

Working alongside consultants, engineers, and contractors, we can provide the resources to help complete any environmental project.

Miller approaches environmental projects from the ground up by providing cost effective solutions that manage risk and reduce environmental impacts.

Our unparalleled reputation is a reflection of the professional and technical staff who make up our team. Project coordinators and technicians are fully trained and experienced in fields such as project management, chemistry. engineering, metallurgy, information technology, and environmental sciences. Their up to date knowledge of environmental regulations, guidelines, and best practices make Miller a true leader in the industry.

Our scope of project services includes: 
• Project management
• Site assessment
• Contaminated soil removal and treatment
• Confined space entry
• Industrial site services
• Development of hazardous waste management programs
• Hazardous waste removal and treatment
• On-site chemical lab packing
• Laboratory cleanouts
• Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) management
• Tank cleanout and removal
• Custom hazardous waste containment (small to large scale design)
• Roll-off services and specialty bin design
• Special waste recycling
•Mercury cleanup/decontamination

All hazardous waste must be disposed of in accordance with federal and local regulations. Whether you require a one time pick up or weekly service, more Manitoba companies rely on Miller to pick up their hazardous waste than anyone else.

Miller assumes total liability and ownership of hazardous waste at the time of pick up, meaning that once we’ve removed the waste, you have the peace of mind that it’s being managed responsibly.

Whatever your pick up requirements are, you can depend on Miller’s efficient and consistent service. We have the people; we have the equipment; we have the expertise.

Miller’s hazardous waste pick up services include:

• Assistance with the generator registration process for Manitoba Sustainable Development
• Quick and accurate quoting
• Pick-ups scheduled to accommodate your needs (one time, weekly, monthly, etc)
• Drummed waste
• Lab packing services
• Bulk waste in totes or IBC bags
• Roll off bin removal/replacement
• Experienced technicians providing efficient and friendly service including on-site technical guidance
• Completion of movement documentation
• Provision of Certificate of Destruction as required

Miller has been providing disposal and recycling services to Manitoba’s Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) program since its inception more than 20 years ago.

Every year, we collect and process more than one million litres of HHW from Manitoba and Ontario. We are the experts in assisting municipalities to set up and execute successful HHW collection programs in their communities.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) is waste material that is generated within the home that poses a risk to health, safety or the environment and cannot be disposed of through the normal municipal waste collection system.


The City of Winnipeg now manages its own HHW collection sites at their 4R Depots. For more information on the 3 Winnipeg drop off locations, please go to: https://winnipeg.ca/waterandwaste/recycle/4rdepots/

For more information on HHW and Stewardship programs:
• Product Care Association: http://www.regeneration.ca/
• Stewardship Ontario: http://www.stewardshipontario.ca/
• Health Products Stewardship Association: http://www.healthsteward.ca/
• Electronic Products Recycling Association: http://www.eprassociation.ca/
• Manitoba Association for Resource Recovery Corp: http://usedoilrecycling.com/en/mb
• Recycle Manitoba: http://www.recyclemanitoba.ca/
• City of Winnipeg HHW: http://www.winnipeg.ca/waterandwaste/garbage/hhw.stm

As the largest handler of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) waste in Manitoba, Miller ensures that all activities involved with the handling, storage, treatment and disposal of PCB waste and residue products are consistent with the protection of public health and environmental quality.

PCB containing materials are subject to their own set of regulations for transport and disposal, which makes their management more complex than that of regular hazardous waste. Our Winnipeg Service Centre operates a licensed PCB storage facility which allows us to efficiently remove PCB material from customer sites and quickly respond to their needs. Our expert staff can aid in the identification, analysis and removal of PCB waste.

From ballasts to transformers, no PCB job is too big or too small.

Our technical staff are fully trained in the handling, packaging, and transport of all types of PCB contaminated material such as transformers, ballasts, capacitors, oil, paint, concrete and debris.

Miller provides the following PCB management services:
• Liaise between our customer and all regulatory agencies (Federal and Provincial) as required to ensure that all questions and concerns are properly answered and addressed
• Assist in the identification and sampling of PCB materials
• Aid in the documentation and summarization of all PCB materials that will be prepared for offsite management
• Label all PCB items in accordance with regulatory requirements
• Prepare waste movement documents
• Load packaged PCB material onto specially equipped transport vehicles with the appropriate placards
• Transport all PCB material to a Federally approved PCB receiving and/or disposal facility
• Provide Certificates of Destruction for all materials managed through this program

Miller recycles more than 9,000,000 kilograms of waste every year.

Miller strives to use and/or develop the best technology available to minimize impact on the environment. We take pride in our ability to set benchmarks with respect to technologies and best practices in the industry. It’s a common misconception that hazardous waste cannot be recycled. Recycling waste saves landfill space, conserves resources, saves energy, and saves water.

Our customers’ growing demand for recycling their waste has provided incentive for Miller to explore a variety of recycling options and alternatives. Through this process, we have adapted to this growing requirement and modified many of our internal processes to accommodate such requests while still providing cost effective solutions to our customers.

In 2016, Miller commissioned an 8000 square foot processing building, designed for the use of plastic container washing and shredding. The state-of-the-art automated system prepares industrial plastics and pesticide containers to be sent for recycling.

Through various processes, Miller has established ways of recycling or repurposing several waste streams. Solvents and other organic substances are blended as an alternative fuel, alkaline waste is used to neutralize acidic waste, and spent catalyst is reacted out and used as a reagent for other processes. During the stabilization process, water is removed and then reused in other processes.

Types of waste currently recycled or repurposed:
• Solvents
• Paints
• Oil
• Electronic waste
• Batteries
• Plastic
• Paper & cardboard
• Fluorescent tubes and other light bulbs
• Various types of steel
• Spent catalyst
• Industrial wastewater
• Mercury
• Semi-precious metals collected through the processing of waste

Miller has the capacity to receive and treat 7,000 tonnes of contaminated soil in our three on site holding cells. Contaminated soil generated from site remediation projects and environmental accident sites must be managed to ensure that further environmental impacts will not occur.

Our ability to formulate specific chemistries to treat unique types of contaminated soils sets us apart from our competitors.

Miller is uniquely equipped to manage large quantities of contaminated soil. Our holding cells are located within close proximity to our process buildings, granting unparalleled access to various methods of treatment. In 2011, Miller successfully completed a project that involved excavation, transport and treatment of more than 700 tonnes of soil contaminated with Dinitrotoluene.

Although analytical results are preferred prior to delivery, we understand that some remediation projects don’t always allow for time to wait for lab results. Miller has the exclusive ability to receive and sequester batches of soil on our site, therefore reducing environmental risks and saving you and your customer both time and money.

Types of waste currently recycled or repurposed:
• Hydrocarbon contamination (oil, fuel, PAH)
• Glycol contamination
• Heavy metal impacted soil
• Acid or alkali contamination
• Chlorinated soil
• Additional contaminants may be acceptable upon review

Whether it’s required for maintenance or the removal of expired product, Miller can be counted on to provide specialized tank pump out and cleaning services.

Miller’s combination of specialized equipment and experienced technicians make us the company of choice for tank cleanings.

Our mobile pressure washer and vacuum truck services simplify the process of removing tank contents, cleaning tank surfaces and managing the subsequent waste.

Miller’s expertise in the safe handling of hazardous materials uniquely qualifies us for challenging tank situations and often results in innovative approaches to performing the work.

An emerging issue in the industrial sector is the generation of wastewaters that, although not meeting the provincial criteria for hazardous waste, exceed the sewer discharge limits in the municipality. In these cases, Miller can provide regular pump out services and wastewater disposal that will remove the liability and costs associated with over-limit discharge.

Our scope of tank and pump out services includes:
Removal of up to 10,000L using a vacuum truck. Additional transport capacity is available using a tanker or vacuum box
Hot water pressure washing of interior and exterior tank surfaces, or manual cleaning as necessary
Availability of technicians certified in Confined Space Entry, if required to do the work
Proper disposal of all waste generated
Flexible scheduling to suit customer needs

As the largest handler of hazardous waste in Manitoba, Miller understands that proper training is essential to keeping our employees and our environment safe.

Training and safety are extremely important to Miller and to our success. We understand that keeping up with current safety regulations and protocols can be challenging.

We take our customers’ safety as seriously as we take our own.

Are you doing your best to keep your workers safe on the job? Does your workplace present unique training challenges with respect to the types of products, chemicals or materials required on the job? Not all training programs are created equally.

Companies are legally responsible for ensuring that employees not only have adequate safety training but are also incorporating safe work practices into their daily routines.

Miller offers training courses that can be customized to fit your workplace:

Transportation of Dangerous Goods
Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)/GHS
Chemical Safety
Respirator Training
Respirator protection
Respirator fit testing
PCB Regulations
Provincial & Federal regulations

Customized Courses:
Existing courses adapted to meet the specific requirements of your company/employees
New courses designed to fit your company’s needs

Miller also works with a number of third party training companies and can coordinate training for the following courses:
Confined Space Training
First Aid/CPR
Spill Response Training
Hazwoper 29 CFR
Fall Protection

Other Links:
SAFE Manitoba: https://www.safemanitoba.com/Pages/default.aspx

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