Simplifying Waste Management: Your Top 3 FAQs Answered 

When it comes to waste management, having quick and convenient access to important information can make all the difference to maintaining sustainability and properly disposing of your waste. To clear up any confusion and make waste disposal easier, we have compiled answers to your top three frequently asked questions. 

Where can I view my garbage collection schedule?  

Waste collection is managed on the municipal level; therefore, every region has a unique schedule. Municipal websites make it easy to find your region’s dates and procedures for disposing of garbage, recycling, organics, and hazardous waste. 

If you live in a house, bring your waste to the curb in the specified container; for example, some regions advise residents to place their food waste in a green bin and their recycling in a blue or grey box. 

Also, keep in mind there may be limits to the number of trash bags that you can set on your curb and other rules about how waste should be packaged. For example, regions accept recycling in transparent blue bags, while others require recyclables to be kept loose in a bin. 

Many waste collectors will tag excess or incorrectly packaged items on your curb with instructions on how and where to properly dispose of them. 

If you live in a housing complex, apartment, or condominium, your building will provide instructions on disposing of waste; this usually means bringing it to a common area or trash chute on your floor. In these cases, it’s still necessary to sort your waste before disposing of it; that is, trash, recycling, organic, and hazardous waste should be separated before it leaves your front door. 

Hazardous waste is almost never accepted in the same place as non-hazardous waste. If you need to dispose of items that are corrosive, flammable, explosive, or poisonous (such as paint, batteries, motor oil, brake fluid, and aerosol cans), consult your region’s website on how and where to dispose of them. This often includes bringing them to a household hazardous waste (HHW) depot in your region.  

If hazardous waste ends up at the same processing facilities as non-hazardous trash, recycling, and organics, it can contaminate or destroy material that could otherwise be recycled and repurposed. It could also pose a threat to facility workers because of its potential to explode or start a fire. 

In addition to properly sorting and disposing of waste, we encourage you to go a step further and reduce your total amount of waste. Check out our guides on how to camp and picnic sustainably and reduce clothing waste. Let’s work together to make a positive impact on our environment!   

How do I rent a temporary dumpster bin? 

Need a large bin to deposit debris from a construction project, renovation, or major clean-up? Miller offers a simple and streamlined process to request a temporary dumpster bin. Simply enter your address to begin the rental process. Choose from our three sizes (14, 20 and 40 yards) and let us know your waste type and preferred delivery and pickup dates. We’ll drop the bin off at your home or business site and pick it up when you’re done – it’s that easy! For more information, check out our online purchases refund policy, or contact us

How does dumpster bin delivery and pick-up work? 

On the day your bin is scheduled to be delivered, make sure your driveway is free of vehicles, toys, bicycles, and overhead debris, such as low-hanging tree branches or wires. 

If we are delivering a bin to your business or construction site, prepare an area that is clear from pedestrian or vehicular traffic. If possible, select a flat and level surface for your bin. 

It’s not necessary for someone to be present when the bin is pick-up or delivered; we can drop it off based on written instructions accompanied by a picture or virtual map screen capture. 

Clear communication and easy access to information is vital for waste management. We aim to provide you with the knowledge and resources to streamline your waste management experience by addressing these frequently asked questions.  

If you have further inquiries or require additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated customer service team. We are here to ensure your waste management needs are met with utmost professionalism and convenience. Miller Waste Systems is your trusted partner for all your waste management requirements. Contact us today, and let’s simplify waste management and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future together.