Miller currently owns three Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) as well as operates five others under municipal contracts.  We are capable of processing over 125,000 tonnes of recyclable material annually out of these eight facilities. Miller is able to process and recycle various types of plastics, paper, cardboard, steel, aluminum and glass on behalf of municipalities or private industry.

Applying advanced technologies, Miller’s Material Recovery Facilities sort and process the recyclables, as well as handle the sale and transportation of these products to end-market customers. Miller has an extensive end-market network to ensure that its clients receive the best return for their recyclables.   Also, by operating several material recovery facilities, Miller is a major supplier of secondary material in the commodity marketplace.  We employ in-house recycling material market specialists who ensure that your recycled products are reprocessed to the highest end use. Material recovery facilities benefit everyone by redirecting waste from landfills.

In addition to being a green initiative, Miller’s customers can share in the revenue generated by the sale of recyclable materials, leading to financial savings.

Miller Material Recovery services are currently provided in:

  • Greater Toronto Area
  • Northern Ontario
  • Southern Ontario