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Waste and Recycling Pickup Bin Rentals

Miller Waste has been serving Canadian businesses for more than 50 years.

Whether you are a construction company, restaurant, manufacturer, or institution, we are ready to offer you an exceptional experience. Miller provides the following services:

Front-End Services

Waste and Cardboard

Roll-Off Services

Waste, Recyclables, Construction and Demolition

Toter Services


Organics Collection

Hazardous Waste

Specialized Recycling

We offer a wide range of container sizes for your specific waste and recycling requirements

Do you need customization? All containers can be modified to best serve your business with locking lids, casters, and labels as required.

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Choose waste containers, dumpsters or bins that match your needs

We offer containers in a variety of sizes: from small clean-up projects like getting rid of junk or old furniture, to major construction or demolition projects.

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Business Waste Pickup

At Miller Waste Systems, we care for your business needs. With easy sign up and regular pick up, you won’t have to think about your waste solutions, we will.

2 Yard Dumpster

4 Yard Dumpster

6 Yard Dumpster

8 Yard Dumpster

We safely collect, pick up, and process your waste to Ministry-approved facilities for recycling or disposal

We use the latest front-end weigh scale technology

We operate a fleet of roll-off vehicles for large volume disposal services, with 10 to 40 yard containers as well as self-contained and stationary compactors

We specialize in construction and demolition waste, with a focus on recycling all suitable materials

Our Roll-off Bin Sizes

Choose the right container size for your project

20 Yard Roll-Off Bin

Dimensions: 4 ft x 20 ft x 8 ft

Equivalent to: 10 pickup truck loads

Best for:

Major Clean Up

  • Cleaning up a whole house to get rid of furniture from multiple rooms
  • Cleaning up garages and attics

14 Yard Roll-Off Bin

Dimensions: 4 ft x 12 ft x 8 ft

Equivalent to: 7 pickup truck loads

Best for:

Minor Renovation Projects

  • Removing larger items from property

Roofing Projects

  • Re-shingling your roof
  • Replacing roofing boards

40 Yard Roll-Off Bin

Dimensions: 8 ft x 20 ft x 7 ft

Equivalent to: 20 pickup truck loads

Best for:

Construction or demolition projects

  • Building a home or garage
  • Demolition of old buildings on property

Major renovation projects

  • Complete remodelling of home exterior or interior

Waste containers for clean fill, yard waste, or wood have specific handling requirements.

Please call us for assistance with your order:


+1 (204)-594-4298

New Brunswick:

+1 (506)-855-9783

Nova Scotia:


Miller Waste Systems Businesses

We are proud of our growing family across Canada.

Miller Compost

High-quality Compost and Landscape Products Since 1990.

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Escarpment Renewables

Escarpment Renewables is a waste to energy facility that receives and transforms on farm and commercial organics to a reusable high energy product that is applied to our local crops. This electricity is fed into the Ontario electrical grid under the provincial renewable feed-in tariff program, the equivalent to powering 830 Canadian homes per year with clean renewable electricity.

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Miller Environmental

Miller Environmental Corporation is the only Hazardous Waste Management company of its kind in Manitoba.

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