Why Recycling Is Important for Businesses

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If your business isn’t recycling, you should start as soon as possible. Whether you manage an office environment or a manufacturing company, adopting a commercial recycling program benefits the environment and your bottom line. Here are three reasons why recycling is for businesses.

Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

We all have a part to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and slowing climate change. For example, when you recycle scrap metal, you reduce the need for mining non-renewable raw ore. Recycling metals reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 60 to 90 per cent over using virgin metals. Furthermore, recycling paper uses almost 45 per cent less energy than producing new paper from our forests.

Recycling also diverts waste from entering landfills, contributes to jobs and economic growth in the recycling industry and improves your company’s image in the community.

Cuts Costs and Increase Profits

A centralized recycling program can save costs in an office setting by streamlining waste management and disposal. Janitorial staff don’t have to collect waste from desk to desk. A planned and coordinated centralized recycling program can save you about $100 per employee per year.

If you’re in an industry that produces a lot of recyclable waste, you can sell it to scrap metal recyclers, turning your trash into a revenue source. Moreover, purchasing recycled metals “closes the loop” and saves you money because recycled metals are cheaper.

Recycling reduces costs by diverting waste from your dumpster bins, reducing the need for multiple containers and the number of times you need to empty them.

Improves Employee Morale and Helps Recruit and Retain Talent

Employees want to work for a company that recycles and is committed to sustainability. A survey of millennials found that nearly one in 10 employees would be willing to quit their jobs if their employer wasn’t sustainable.

Implementing a recycling program makes employees feel good about their workplace, leading to more productivity and better recruitment and retention of top talent.

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