What Happens to the Items in Your Blue Recycling Bin?

hands holding recyclable bottles, paper and can

Did you know that everyday materials like plastic, paper, aluminum and glass can be recycled into a variety of new items? When you choose to recycle, you can feel good knowing you’re giving these products a new life and helping build a sustainable circular economy. Here’s what happens to some of the most common items you place in your blue recycling bins.

  • Metals like steel and aluminum are infinitely recyclable. Aluminum is melted into sheets and made into things like cans, aluminum foil and airplane parts. Recycled tin-coated steel cans, like tuna and pop cans, can be used to make bicycle parts, steel beams and household appliances.
  • Glass can be reused and recycled indefinitely without losing quality or purity. Glass jars are primarily recycled into new bottles or jars. However, they can also be melted down or crushed into small shards and used for making bricks, paved surfaces and sports turf.
  • Plastic is shredded and melted into pellets. Plastic found in pop and water bottles, designated as #1, can be remade into things like carpet, polar fleece and jacket insulation. Number 2 plastic from laundry detergent bottles and milk jugs can be transformed into products like plastic buckets, toys and outdoor play equipment. Plastic bags are often transformed into plastic lumber for park benches and outdoor patio furniture.
  • Paper products are typically separated by type and then shredded before being made into new consumer products. For example, cardboard can be used to make paper bags and paperboard. Office paper can be turned into toilet paper and facial tissues, while newspapers can become paper plates and egg cartons.

Recycling benefits everyone, redirecting waste from landfills. Miller Waste Systems specializes in processing and recycling various types of plastics, paper, cardboard, steel, aluminum and glass on behalf of municipalities or private industries. At our Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs), we sort and process recyclables, and then we sell and transport these products to end-market customers. In fact, we process over 200,000 tonnes of recyclable material annually.

Recycling and Waste Disposal Services

The team at Miller Waste Systems is committed to protecting the environment by providing innovative waste management and recycling solutions for communities across Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Our qualified recycling specialists ensure your recycled products are reprocessed to the highest end use. Contact us today for more information.