Miller Waste Systems & The Airshow London

Miller Waste Systems has had a long-term relationship with Airshow London and the London Community and this year, we were proud to support the London Airshow by providing blue box and waste disposal at this year’s show.

Please see the kind message from Holly at the Airshow London below.

Airshow London has had a long-time relationship with the London Community and one of our treasured relationships is the one we have with Miller Waste.  Miller Waste has partnered since our inception as Airshow London and is one of the secrets of our success. 

I wanted to thank you for everything you do to support our blue box collection and waste disposal at the show each year. With such a high concentration of fans, crews and volunteers in such a short time, we would not be able to effectively manage our garbage needs without your partnership. 

As a national company that provides services to the municipalities, residences, and businesses, we thank you for extending your time and support to our event.  Airshow London applauds Miller Waste for all you do in the many communities you serve and for stepping up each year to ensure Airshow London delivers the best show in town. 

We all thank you!

Airshow London