Landscape Materials

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Econo Mix
Description Bag Cubic Yard
Econo Soil has a blend of local topsoil and compost to ensure it has nutrients required for root stimulation. This is more of a contractor grade soil that can ideally be used for sodding back filling and grading the rough areas that will be eventually be covered over or manicured.
Not available
Miller Ultra Soil
Description Bag Cubic Yard
Ultra Soil is a triple mix that is ideal for building new garden beds. If you are looking to plant shrubs, flowers, perennials, and/or trees this material provides the nutrients required to ensure proper root stimulation. Ultra Soil also provides drainage to ensure there is no overwatering.
Pickup Only
High Soil Blend
Description Bag Cubic yard
Recommended for shrub beds, vegetable gardens, and fruit trees. Contains a high amount of Organic Matter with a lower than average pH Level. This soil provides water retention and an ideal balance of organic matter and mineral nutrients.
Not available

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