Miller has been providing organics and recyclables processing services to the Halifax Regional Municipality since 1999.  In 1999 Miller constructed a state-of-the-art in-vessel composting facility.  This facility continues to operate and currently processes organic waste from both the residential and commercial sector.  Miller has operated the Halifax Regional Municipality Materials Recycling Facility since 1999 and processes thousands of tonnes of recyclables per year for the region.

Over the years Miller has made upgrades to the facility to increase processing capacity. Over the last 18 years Miller Waste Systems has been offering both residential and commercial collection services throughout Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  With dispatch offices located in Elmsdale, Truro, Springhill and Moncton Miller has grown from a one truck operation and presently operates a fleet of over 80 collection vehicles.  Miller provides collection services in Halifax, Colchester, Cumberland, East Hants, West Hants, Annapolis and Kings Counties in Nova Scotia and in Westmoreland Albert and Kent Counties in New Brunswick.

Millers residential fleet provides curbside collection services to 60,000 residential homes for 9 municipalities throughout Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  This includes collection of waste, recycling, organics, bulky items and yard waste.

Miller operates a commercial collection fleet that includes front-end, roll-off, top-load, and rear-load collection vehicles.  Miller offers source separation collection services to its customers that comply with all municipal and provincial regulations.  Miller works with its customers to ensure they have programs in place that maximize diversion and almost 50% of the materials it collects from its customers are diverted from landfill.  Miller offers its customers collection services for waste, cardboard, paper, blue bags, organics, construction waste, metal, and international waste.

Miller Waste Systems – Moncton, NB division provides high quality, reliable and cost effective waste management services, and innovative solutions to municipal and industrial/commercial/institutional customers throughout Greater Moncton and surrounding areas. Miller Waste Systems offers a full range of collection services to the commercial sector ranging from recycling, construction and demolition debris, and garbage with roll-off, front end, and rear loader vehicles.

Contact Information

Colchester County:  (902) 895-2709

Cumberland County: (902) 667-0299

New Brunswick: (506) 855-9783

HRM, East/West Hants, Annapolis County, King County: (902) 883-4561