Miller Waste’s expansion west into Manitoba began in February 2016 with the City of Winnipeg Multi-Res contract for the North-West area. We have a team consisting of 1 roll off and 4 front load drivers as well as 2 support personnel providing 12,000 lifts per month.

Not even a year later the tender for Curbside collection was released by the City of Winnipeg. Miller Waste was awarded the contract for area 1 (West) as the successful proponent. This set off a hectic year of planning and preparation. Not without a few setbacks during the months leading up to the start of the contract, the Miller team responded and overcame the challenges.

Miller Waste started the contract off strong with a fleet of 44 trucks, and 110 employees hitting the streets in bright, shiny, clean equipment. This contract consists of Waste, Recycling, Yard Waste, and Special Collection Service. There are approximately 100,000 homes to be collected for each service, which amounts to about 20,000 homes per day.

The reporting requirements required by the City are quite detailed, so for this contract we deployed the FleetMind system to the entire fleet. This gives us the ability to record each lift, and report any exceptions in Real Time to the City so that our requirement to ‘go back’ for every single ‘missed’ call will decrease substantially.

On October 1st, 2017 Miller began servicing residential curbside contract for Area 1 (west) Approx. 106,000 residents.