Miller’s combination of specialized equipment and experienced technicians make us the company of choice for tank cleanings. Our mobile pressure washer and vacuum truck services simplify the process of removing tank contents, cleaning tank surfaces and managing the subsequent waste. Our expertise in the safe handling of hazardous materials uniquely qualifies us for challenging tank situations and often results in innovative approaches to performing the work.

pump cleaning tanks

An emerging issue in the industrial sector is the generation of waste waters that, although not meeting the provincial criteria for hazardous waste, exceed the sewer discharge limits in the municipality. In these cases, Miller can provide regular pump out services and waste water disposal that will remove the liability and costs associated with over-limit discharge.

Our scope of tank and pump out services includes:deacon tanks

  • Removal of up to 10,000L using a vacuum truck. Additional transport capacity is available using a tanker or vacuum box
  • Hot water pressure washing of interior and exterior tank surfaces, or manual cleaning as necessary
  • Availability of technicians certified in Confined Space Entry, if required to do the work
  • Proper disposal of all waste generated
  • Flexible scheduling to suit customer needs


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