Industrial catalyst that can no longer be regenerated is repurposed for use within our facility.

Repurposing of catalyst saves landfill space, conserves resources, saves energy, and saves water.

Miller employs an intricate method for stabilizing/neutralizing the hazardous components within spent catalysts.  The catalyst is received as a feedstock or reagent for re-use in on-site applications.  Spent catalysts are effectively consumed as a result of re-use within our existing processes.  Once consumed, the new product is characterized and placed into our repository, which is then available for beneficial re-use at a future time if requested.  There is a full level of tracking and reporting to trace all steps throughout the process.

All hazardous spent catalysts receieved by Miller are processed on-site.  At no time will these matierals leave our property or be directly landfilled.

Miller’s flexible infrastructure and on site scale allow for receipt of catalyst in all types of containers – from flow bins to IBC bags to bulk loads.  Our professional and efficient staff are available to facilitate straightforward and trouble-free scheduling of loads of catalyst into our processing facility.  Bins can be returned to the customer after they have been emptied and contents have been processed.

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