PCB containing materials are subject to their own set of regulations for transport and disposal, which makes their management more complex than that of regular hazardous waste. Our Winnipeg Service Centre operates a licensed PCB storage facility which allows us to efficiently remove PCB material from customer sites and quickly respond to their needs. Our expert staff can aid in the identification, analysis and removal of PCB waste.

From ballasts to transformers, no PCB job is too big or too small.

Our technical staff are fully trained in the handling, packaging, and transport of all types of PCB contaminated material such as transformers, ballasts, capacitors, oil, paint, concrete and debris.

Miller provides the following PCB management services:ballasts

  • Liaise between our customer and all regulatory agencies (Federal and Provincial) as required to ensure that all questions and concerns are properly answered and addressed
  • Assist in the identification and sampling of PCB materials
  • Aid in the documentation and summarization of all PCB materials that will be prepared for offsite management
  • Label all PCB items in accordance with regulatory requirements
  • Prepare waste movement documentsPCB transformer large
  • Load packaged PCB material onto specially equipped transport vehicles with the appropriate placards
  • Transport all PCB material to a Federally approved PCB receiving and/or disposal facility
  • Provide Certificates of Destruction for all materials managed through this program


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