Regulatory changes and increased market demands have driven the development of additional processes and treatments. Our technical team is continually looking for new and innovative methods to expand our scope of capabilities thereby reducing the need to transport waste to third party disposal sites.

We are committed to leadership in our industry.

Aqueous Waste Processing

  • Acid and Alkali neutralization
  • Metal/salts precipitation and removal
  • Emulsified water/oil separation and disposal

Inorganic Processing

  • Wet or dry inorganic sludge solidification & disposal
  • Capability to ship some high value metal salts for recycling
  • Stabilization of metals
  • Fluorescent tube shredding, stabilization & solidification (or shipping for recycling as requested)
  • Chemical processing for a vast array of inorganic chemicals
  • Stabilization of processed chemical residues (salts and metals)

Liquid Organic Waste Processing

  • Sludge/water separation
  • Solvent/Fuel blending
  • Latex paint bulking & solidification (or shipping for recycling as per customer wishes)
  • Oil based paint bulking/fuel blending
  • Oil filtering and sludge separation

Organic Processing

  • Solidification and disposal of oily debris and non regulated oily materials
  • Grease/solvent fuel blending
  • Oily sludge fuel blending
  • Dissolution of solid materials (including pharmaceuticals), preparation for disposal to incineration for specific chemicals
  • Bulking and preparation for incineration of selected solid organic chemicals
  • Aerosol processing

Special Waste Processing

  • Flammable solids
  • Spent catalyst disposal
  • Industrial waste water treatment
  • Hydrovac sludge/slurry
  • NORM materials
  • Chlorate neutralization


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