Manitoba’s hazardous waste legislation establishes a system of controlling hazardous waste from “cradle to grave”. The management system for hazardous waste involves the registration of hazardous waste generators, and the licensing of hazardous waste carriers and hazardous waste receivers.

Miller is registered as a generator and licensed as a carrier and receiver of hazardous waste by the province of Manitoba. This also includes the transport and storage of PCB waste. Furthermore, we are licensed to transport waste in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Our facility licence details the administrative and technical conditions under which waste must be managed and ensures that we operate in a safe, ethical and environmentally responsible manner.

Dangerous Goods Handling and Transportation Act Licence (Processing Facility)

Licence number: 58 HW S2 RRRR

Hazardous Waste Transporter Licence

Licence number: MBC00202

Dangerous Goods Handling and Transportation Act Licence (Winnipeg Transfer Station)

Licence number: 211 HW

Generator Numbers:

  • Winnipeg – MBG11228
  • Facility – MBG02410

Carrier Numbers:

  • Manitoba – MBC00202
  • Saskatchewan – SAC000320
  • Ontario C of A – A900297
  • Alberta – ABC10569

Receiver Numbers:

  • Winnipeg – MBR30043
  • Facility – MBR01829

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