Due to COVID-19, Miller Compost has adjusted our service to better serve you with the option of “Curbside Pickup” and “Delivery” only. Please note our hours of operation for these services are 8am-4pm, Monday to Friday.



1. Order online 1. Order online
2. Drive to Bloomington Compost 2. Pay for your goods
3. Park in designated areas 3. Await arrival of your product
4. Attendant will assist you with your order 4. If you have any questions, please call 1-866-887-6457
5. For bags, please pop your trunk
6. For bulk material, ensure you arrive with an open truck or trailer

Each year, Miller Compost processes valuable leaf and yard waste, along with food waste from municipal and commercial sources. These organic resources are processed and returned to the communities they come from as a high quality soil amendment that enriches, rehabilitates, and feeds the soil.

“Compost is a natural process through which organic material is converted into a soil-like product or humus. The process works with the help of micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi combined with air and moisture.” – Compost Council of Canada.


Committed to customer service and quality, we offer a wide selection of products that not only fit your needs, but also your budget. Whether you’re looking for compost, mulch, aggregate, topdressing, or soil, we’ve got you covered. We also offer delivery services that cater to small local orders, up to and including walking floor trailers in select areas across Ontario. The minimum amount of material we can deliver is 1/2 a yard.

If you’d like to buy online, check if you’re in the delivery range, or simply take a look at our products and retail pricing, click here.


We also offer commercial pricing on all of our products for large-scale landscapers. If you are applying to be a commercial customer, please fill out the following credit application: Commercial Credit Application and email it to creditservices@millerwaste.ca

Delivery Guidelines
  • Place a tarp down on your driveway, so the product doesn’t leave a stain
  • All online deliveries require a signed waiver and must be paid in full prior to delivery being scheduled
  • Try to get the product in your flowerbeds as soon as possible, preferably with clear weather for the next 24-36 hours
Delivery Policy followed by Miller Compost
  • No driving or unloading on grass, only on driveways and hard surfaces (asphalt/interlock)
  • No unloading deliveries on the street under any conditions
  • A delivery date will be schedule for you
  • Saturday deliveries are only available during peak season (May – June)
  • We reserve the right not to dump if conditions are dangerous (overhead wires, hydro meters, tree branches, etc.) and/or unsafe conditions determined by the driver
  • If the conditions are deemed “unsafe” the delivery will not be completed and the delivery charges and re-stocking fees will apply
  • A charge of $70/hr will be added if on site for more than 30min
Dyed Products

Please be aware that dyed products can sometimes stain interlock, stones, asphalt, and plants. If your product is being delivered, place a tarp down to protect your driveway. Be sure to place with care and use gloves when applying to avoid colour transfer to your hands. It is best to avoid mulch delivery and application prior to heavy rain. Dyed mulch uses water and colourant and never really colour sets until it is placed in the landscape area and has time to dry properly.

The Compost Quality Alliance

Miller Compost is an active member of the Compost Quality Alliance (CQA), which is a voluntary program established by the Compost Council of Canada and compost producers, using uniform operation protocols and standardized testing methodologies to improve customer confidence in compost selection.