Comprehensive Highrise Solutions

Miller Waste Solutions Group

We provide full-service waste management solutions for highrise residential buildings across Ontario.

Our unique multi-tiered approach to waste control makes Miller Waste Solutions Group one of the leading professional refuse management organizations in Canada.

System Engineering, Installation and Maintenance

Repairs, Parts and Service

Waste Chute Cleaning and Odour Control

New Bin Sales and Service

Recycling Systems

Compactors and Chutes

We are involved in hundreds of projects including new builds as well as retrofitting and modernizing existing systems.

Our wide range of products and services allow us to assist our clients from project planning through to system installation, and ongoing maintenance.

For architects and developers seeking LEED® certification, our custom installations can assist by diverting organics and recyclables from the solid waste stream.

Highrise Consultancy Services

We provide professional, project-specific consultancy services to residential high-rise architects, building groups, engineers, developers and condominium corporations that offer complete turn-key solutions to your waste and recycling programs.

We have provided quality products and services to hundreds of projects currently underway or that have been completed. Part of our on-going service is to help architects and developers contribute toward obtaining LEED® certification by installing our custom-made products into their projects.

Recycling Systems

Miller Waste Solutions Group supplies and installs industry-leading Automated Recycling Systems for new construction and retrofit applications and offers architect & developer assistance in planning complete waste management systems.

We offer preventative maintenance agreements to help identify and repair potential emergency service calls before they appear. We would be more than happy to conduct a “lunch and learn” for your staff.

Please call our office for more information:

+1 (866)-439-7626

Compactors and Chutes

Our extensive experience in the field of chute, compactor, and containers positions Miller Waste Solutions Group as the premier company to provide all repairs.

Our Services Include:

  • Compactor repairs and replacement
  • Container repairs, welding and replacement
  • Casters and wheel replacement
  • Preventative maintenance programs to ensure Ontario Fire Code/Building Code and municipal property standards by-laws compliance


  • Garbage chute repairs and replacement
  • Rubber impact liners
  • Our staff of service representatives can deal with anything from a simple wheel or caster problem, to installation of new compactor blades and bottoms. Garbage chute repair capabilities include complete high-rise chute retrofits to simple closer replacement. We also sell bin buddies.

Cleaning and Odour Control


As one of the industry’s leading companies, we feature a unique cleaning process that removes caked-on, dried, flammable garbage throughout your chute and compactor systems.

A complimentary floor-by-floor garbage chute inspection, followed by a written report, will check for fire and building code compliance, indicate what was checked, and point out items needing attention.

To aid in managing your waste and chute cleaning program, we offer:

  • Fixed rate annual, semi-annual, and quarterly garbage chute cleaning
  • Energy efficient odour control systems
  • Complimentary garbage chute inspections to ensure fire code and safety compliance

Odour Control

Our “DNA Destroyer” features ultra-violet germicidal bulbs that eradicate air-borne bacteria, viruses, mould spores and odours by continuously filtering garbage room air. The technology, used for over 20 years in a variety of medical research, food preparation and air and water purification systems, has now been successfully adapted by Waste Solutions Group for this market.

Benefits include:

  • NO costly monthly maintenance fees
  • Improved staff health by removing spray-type chemicals
  • Longer life for compactors and bins – no blocked spray nozzles as with other systems
  • The CSA-approved system has a one-year warranty and durable stainless steel casing.

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Our quick response time for service calls sets us apart from the rest. Dispatch our qualified technicians to your property 24/7 by calling our automated pager service through our office.

Head Office:

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1 (866) 439-7626

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