Escarpment Renewables Opens in Grimsby, On

The town of Grimsby Announces Sale-Purchase Agreement with White Owl Limited for Biodigester facility.

On behalf of Grimsby Town Council, Mayor Jeff Jordan announced that Grimsby
will soon welcome Escarpment Renewables, a subsidiary of White Owl Limited
(“White Owl”) following White Owl’s acquisition of the Grimsby Biodigester facility. White
Owl is a leader in waste management services throughout Canada and owner of Miller
Waste Systems Inc. (“Miller Waste Systems”).

Blair McArthur of Miller Waste Systems, commented, “As owners of Miller Waste Systems and Miller Environmental
Corporation, our company has extensive experience and expertise in designing,
developing and managing sophisticated waste diversion and processing facilities. We
intend to improve and expand this anaerobic digestion facility, to turn it into an operation
we can all be proud of.”

He added, “As a family company, we are very committed to integrating into the
communities where we operate by hiring locally, supporting community projects, working
with local partners and suppliers, and understanding local needs. Our expansion of the
facility will create jobs and provide opportunity to develop business relationships in
Grimsby and the Niagara Region.”

Read Press Release from the Town of Grimsby Below