What Does Miller Do With All That Waste?

“Out of sight, out of mind” is the adage we most commonly apply to waste. Once we’ve tossed a banana peel into the bin or hauled our blue boxes to the bottom of our driveway, we usually don’t give them a second thought. However, we also see and hear massive garbage trucks making their rounds through … Continued

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit from Responsible Waste Management

As the fight continues to slow climate change, sustainable waste management is becoming a top priority for many businesses. Here are five ways small businesses can benefit from integrating eco-conscious choices into their business plan. Whether you run a construction company, restaurant or manufacturing plant, Miller Waste Systems provides ethical waste management and recycling services … Continued

7 Ways to Reduce Trash at Home

Consumers are more conscious than ever before about fighting climate change by reducing their household waste. If you want to minimize your environmental impact, here are seven ways to get started. Municipal Waste Disposal and Management Services Miller Waste Systems works closely with federal, provincial and municipal authorities to offer waste management and recycling solutions … Continued

What Happens to the Items in Your Blue Recycling Bin?

Did you know that everyday materials like plastic, paper, aluminum and glass can be recycled into a variety of new items? When you choose to recycle, you can feel good knowing you’re giving these products a new life and helping build a sustainable circular economy. Here’s what happens to some of the most common items … Continued

6 Benefits of Roll-Off Dumpster Bin Rentals

Streamlining your company’s waste system cuts costs and improves efficiency. Whether you’re a property manager, contractor or restaurant manager, investing in a commercial roll-off dumpster bin rental can pay immediate dividends. Here are six benefits of using a roll-off dumpster bin. Disposal Bins and Dumpster Rental In London, Burlington And Cornwall At Miller Waste Systems, we’re more … Continued

Why Recycling Is Important for Businesses

If your business isn’t recycling, you should start as soon as possible. Whether you manage an office environment or a manufacturing company, adopting a commercial recycling program benefits the environment and your bottom line. Here are three reasons why recycling is for businesses. Reduces Your Carbon Footprint We all have a part to play in … Continued

What are the major parts of waste management?

You may think of waste management simply as the trucks and workers that take your garbage and recyclables. But a waste management system is a series of processes to keep your community healthy while safeguarding the natural environment. Here’s an overview of the most significant components of a waste management program. 1. Source reduction and … Continued

9 surprising things you can’t recycle

When’s the last time you checked your local recycling guidelines? Chances are, you’re tossing things into those blue bins that’ll make trouble at the recycling facility. Here are some recycling no-no’s to watch for to keep you on top of your sorting game. 1. Paper with food stains. A tiny smear of butter should be … Continued

5 recycling myths debunked

When you sort your household waste, are you sure you’re getting it right? Many things you may think are reusable or recyclable aren’t suitable for your recycling bin. To help you get your waste disposal right, here’s a spotlight on five recycling myths, plus some alternatives. 1. Electronics can go into the recycling bin. Unlike … Continued